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About Dre

Using repurposed, vintage, and rescued textiles, I create works that challenge the traditional notion of quilting and invite viewers to interpret meaning based on their own emotional response to the works.​


In my artistic journey I aim to shift the meaning and perception of what a quilt can be. Within each work, I try to create luscious, soft, and sumptuous moments that provoke emotional responses and allow for individual interpretation. Each work carries personal significance for me, stemming from my experiences with mental illness. Through art, I navigate my inner emotions and find solace, and I aspire to offer viewers a similar comforting and introspective experience. The softness and tactile nature of textiles, inherently associated with comfort, become a metaphorical embrace, inviting the viewer into a gentle and contemplative space.

I aim to create art that could be achieved through other mediums but is intentionally conveyed through the transformative and comforting nature of textiles.


Contact me with questions about my work, custom wall hanging requests, or just to say hello!

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All Sales are final

Returns or exchanges will not be accepted.

Please read all item details before making any purchase!

If you need any item details clarified before purchasing, please email me any questions!


Orders typically ship within 2-4 business days from order date

Please ensure you have the correct address on your order.

Once the package is in USPS possession, I am not liable for what happens to it.


All clothing is vintage and all textiles are repurposed in my work.  This means that imperfections will sometimes exist.  

Jackets have the occasional fading or minor stains, but these add to the character and story of the piece.  

All jackets and textiles are laundered before the patchwork or clothing is created.



January 2021  Columbus Alive

October 2018  614 Magazine

April 12, 2017  Airstream Ad Campaign // Home Sewn

Oct 8, 2016  Circus Magazine // Round the World in 50 Quilts

Sept 27, 2014 Charleston Gazette Article

Lafayette Flats YouTube // Petite Tempest 

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